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Project Development

Project development is the process and the facility of planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling the resources to accomplish specific goals. The process takes a transportation improvement from concept through construction.

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Renewable Projects Feasibility Assessment Services

ISRAR’s exceptional experience in solar industry enables it to be able to perform analytics and determine whether the project is buildable and financeable. Feasibility studies are the foundation upon which all subsequent stages are determined. Working with ISRAR can save you development capital.

ISRAR would help you at understanding thoroughly all aspects of a project, concept, or plan, becoming aware of any potential problems or challenges that could occur while implementing the project and determining if, after considering all significant factors, the project viability. By providing multiple services such as:

  • Material Recommendations
  • Energy Usage Analysis
  • Cost Estimation
  • Site Analysis
  • Mechanical Constructability
  • Technology Analysis
  • Project Finance Options
  • Logistics
  • System Layouts
  • Risk Reduction
  • Environmental Impact

Our client-centric approach starts with the customer’s goals and objectives, we customize our approach to meet the client’s expectations and even more to exceed them. We will work side by side with you to ensure delivering a professional and accurate evaluation of the project’s potentials.

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Renewable Project Financing

ISRAR’s dynamic approach enables us to build secure, long-lasting partnerships with our clients, in addition to building extensive relationships with strategic and financial investors in our target sectors. Therefore, bringing the industry and product expertise as well as the network to banks and other investors to effectively design and manage the full project financing process from A to Z.

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ISRAR offers high-standard studies for renewable energy projects based on Jordanian standards, codes as well as EN codes for the purpose of complying with local laws and regulations.

  • Topographic study:Topographical surveys, reports, and drawings as per standards and norms.
  • Geotechnical study:Surveys and reports as per standards and norms.
  • ESIA (Environmental & Social Impact Assessment):Predicting and assessing the potential environmental and social impacts for proposed renewable projects and getting Ministry of Environment (MOE) approval.
  • GIS (Grid Impact study):Conducting a study of impact in capacity and load of the main grid when being connected to a source of renewable energy and getting NEPCO approval.
  • Hydrology Study:Complete design and engineering drawings for drainage solution and internal cross channel including cross sections and technical report and BOQ as per codes and norms.
  • Grid Grounding Study:Analyzing project under fault conditions to determine whether hazardous voltages will develop. The result of this study will determine the needed safety precautions and measures that must be taken.
  • Lightning Protection Study:Examine transient over-voltages that may result from lightning and suggest solutions, it is done based on Jordanian code and EN 62305-2.
  • Local Security study report and security system design:The complete design and engineering drawings for security and monitoring system and BOQ as per codes and norms.Project Services.

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Design Review and Verification

Design review and verification from ISRAR ENGINEERING ensuring that the project’s design complies with all relevant operational, safety, environmental and industrial standards.

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Project Permitting Services

Permitting requirements can significantly impact the cost and development time of a project. The understanding of the entities that may be involved in the permitting process, and ability of determining the renewable energy required permissions endorsed by Jordan’s government, done by ISRAR’s experienced staff, will be of tremendous importance in any solar project.

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