R&D Initiative

Every Saturday ECP course takes place in PSUT campus with engineering dedicated students. ISRAR ENGINEERING hosted Dr. Omar Hiari and Dr. Raed Mesleh the supervisors of GJU students to follow up the status of the outstanding projects and researches. A model of tank and pipes was built to mimic such industrial applications. Group of JUST students has tested their graduation project “Tank Level Controller” through the built model. Group of GJU students has tested their graduation project “E-ink Signage” in our equipped laboratory “Space Shift Keying MIMO System for Underwater Acoustic Communication” project is in the final stages of testing “Flying Shear Controller” Project is in the implementation phase through the built proto type Group of students from The Hashemite University has started their innovative graduation project with ISRAR team

ISRAR's Vision

The ISRAR R&D initiative aspires to be a focal point for scientific and technological research and education. Through encouraging discoveries to address engineering concerns, we hope to serve as a beacon of knowledge that unites students and industries for the betterment of overall educational output to be aligned with the labor market.

In collaboration with our partner Find a Distributor, We are honored to be one of the early pioneers in scientific research and enhancing students' levels in order to improve their practical skills and qualifications by bridging the theoretical and practical working skills gap. Furthermore, engaging them in the labor market at the same time, with the possibility of assigning the distinguished ones after graduation.

Dr. Mahmoud I.Lahlouh (Zerini)



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New chapter of our glorious story to begin;;;
Dr. Lahlouh the founder and general manager of ISRAR Engineering , has launched a new initiative for supporting researchers, graduate and undergraduate students known as “Israr R&D Initiative”.

What is exactly Israr R&D Initiative?
Is a sponsorship for Bachelor graduation projects and master’s dissertations in collaboration with our partner PMM. The students will have the opportunity to fabricate new and innovative products that may have a large impact on industries with full funding for materials and equipment.
What are the objectives?
We are honored to be one of the pioneering companies that support scientific research and upgrade student’s levels in order to enhance their practical skills and qualification. Furthermore, engaging them in the labor market at the same time, with the possibility of assigning the distinguished ones after graduation. This will tackle the unemployment and economic issues.
Where are we now?
Israr R&D Initiative is moving toward achieving the objectives by signing a memorandum of understanding with Jordanian universities such as German Jordanian University, Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Jordan University of Science and Technology and The Hashemite University. Ambitious students were excited to go through such a rich experience, and we have already started mentoring them.
What we are offering in our sponsorship?
We provide a full training programme, which includes practical and theoretical lectures. That is usually conducted by the support the students with the required facilities, tools and equipment. The workflow is done in collaboration with all company’s departments and under the supervision of our professional qualified engineers.
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